Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Extraordinary Gift

Watching this video can make you feel one of two ways. The way the Lord would want you to feel while watching this, or the way the adversary would want you to feel.

The adversary would want us to watch the talents this amazing teen has been blessed with and feel inadequate in our own. He would want us to feel like the gifts we have been given are FAR from extraordinary, and always will be, so why share them, or use them at all?

I think we all feel that way sometimes. During those times, we should all remember these wise words from President Henry B. Eyring,

"Every person is different and has a different contribution to make.

No one is destined to fail.”

That is the message the Lord would want us to take away from this amazing and inspiring story. We have all been blessed with gifts. We are each unique in our talents and abilities. We have all been sent in this place and at this time to help each other through this journey using our God-given gifts.

I am humbled in watching this video. I know that my gifts are, as I said, FAR from extraordinary, and always will be. But I also know, I have been given these gifts to better my life and hopefully the lives of those around me. I feel blessed that I can use my gifts every week in my calling as Primary Chorister in my ward. That I can use them daily in my life-long calling as a mom. Music brings such joy and fulfillment to my life and I feel it is my duty to share my humble testimony through song here.

If I can make things easier for one person, or bless the life of one person through song, then I will know that I have done just what Heavenly Father would want me to do with my gifts.

Thanks for stopping by!

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