Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Joseph Smith's First Prayer

A few months ago in our ward, we had the priveledge of having the Young Women's General President at the time, Sis. Dalton and her husband come to speak to our youth in sacrament meeting.
It was such a wonderful meeting.
 In preparation for the meeting, our Bishop felt strongly about having the youth prepare a musical number. The song he felt they needed to sing was
"Joseph Smith's First Prayer." We tried several different arrangements of the song, and it just wasn't coming together quite right. The Bishop said he felt the simple and sweet melody of the song sounded the most powerful. So, we stuck with that and just put together an accompinament to go with it.
The youth performed it beautifully and it brought a wonderful spirit to our meeting.

As stated before, this is a straightforward arrangment of the hymn, just with a different piano accompinament. It can be performed in unison, SA, SAT or SATB.

Click play to listen.


To download  the full version FREE, click below:

Click here to download FREE sheet music

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